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Sublingual Therapy

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Millions of Americans suffer from allergy problems. For some, the symptoms are mild and easily managed with an occasional antihistamine such as loratadine (Claritin) and or a steroid nasal spray. Nasal saline rinses are beneficial for many of these patients.

But for some, medicines and sprays do not work, and they continue to suffer symptoms such as nasal congestions, itchy/watery eyes and sneezing. When that is the case, immunotherapy is often considered. Immunotherapy is simply giving a person something they are allergic to, in very small amounts, and having their body adjust to it so that the allergic response no longer takes place. It is natural, effective, and can cure many people even when therapy is stopped after several years.

There are two ways to administer immunotherapy: One is injection (shots) and the other is via drops under the tongue. Shots have been used for over a century, and are used by the majority of patients who need immunotherapy in the United States. They are effective, and usually covered by insurance. However, they need to be administered in the office (once every 1-3 weeks) and some people, especially children, are afraid of the tiny needles used for therapy.

Drops under the tongue, called “sublingual therapy,” are a safer and easier alternative to shots. The FDA has approved two tablets used for sublingual therapy for grass and ragweed allergies, but many allergists use a drop which contains many other allergens which can affect a person. The drop “prescription” is tailored to a person’s allergy profile. Since they are safer, with a much less chance of causing a reaction, they are taken at home on a daily basis.

At The Sinus Center of Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists of Wisconsin, we offer both types of therapy, shots and drops. In the case of allergy drops, we have over 50 patients (age 4-66) who take drops to successfully manage their allergy problems. Safely. Naturally. And Effectively.

Call 920-969-1768 to find out if allergy drops are an option for you.

Robert B. Prehn, M.D.