Laryngeal Endoscopy

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When coughs, sore throats or other symptoms fail to improve or the source remains
elusive, laryngoscopy may be performed to help determine the cause of the symptoms.
A laryngoscope is a specialized instrument used by ENT specialists to visualize the
larynx, also known as the voice box.

The larynx is the area of the throat that sits at the top of the windpipe or trachea. It is
farther down your throat than what you typically see when you open your mouth wide.
The larynx helps us breath, swallow and talk. Our vocal cords are housed in the larynx
and they are responsible for making the vibrations that create the sounds we use to
communicate and make music.

Laryngoscopes help ENT specialists visualize the structures of the larynx and identify
sources of obstruction, chronic hoarseness, voice disordersswallowing problems, or
abnormal growths. Types of Laryngoscopy include

  • Direct fiber-optic laryngoscopy – Also called a flexible laryngoscopy, this
    type of scope has a small telescope at the end of a fiber-optic cable allowing the
    physician to visualize the structures and tissues as the tube goes up the nose
    and down to the larynx. It too takes about 5-10 minutes or less in the office with
    numbing medication that can be applied to your nose and throat.
  • Direct laryngoscopy – This is procedure is performed in the operating room.
    Direct laryngoscopy is most often done to remove small growths or collect
    samples of tissue for testing. It can take about 30 minutes under general
    anesthesia to minimize discomfort and reduce natural reflexes that can interfere
    with the procedure.

If a laryngoscopy procedure has been recommended for you, we would be happy to go over the details and answer any questions you may have.

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Dr. Meyer & the staff at ENT Specialists in Appleton are wonderful! They eased my daughter's anxiety while having tests done. Very friendly and knowledgeable.

— Kelly F.

Very good experience with a very professional, detailed and caring practice. They took the time to diagnose the issue, and took no time at all to start treatment. I would recommend this practice to everyone!

— Heather S.

Dr. Keller was thorough and listened to my concerns, he did a complete exam and offered options to procced with types of treatment. I was pleased with the appointment. Again he listened to what I was saying, some doctors don't have that skill.

— Warren D.

Great service! The audiologists in Neenah and Oshkosh truly care about a client with hearing loss. They take the time to provide individualized hearing loss education and also provide excellent follow up support after selling hearing aids. Highly recommended!

— Matt B.

Great staff. The location is easy to find. Very accommodating and well organized. Would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Mjaanes and his staff.

— Douglas K.


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