Nasal Endoscopy

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Nasal endoscopy is the procedure we use to get a detailed look at the nasal and sinus
passages. It is performed using an endoscope, a thin, flexible tube with a tiny camera
and a light at the end. It is a quick and usually simple procedure easily performed in the
comfort of the clinic and with just local numbing medication.

A nasal endoscopy may be performed to evaluate and/or treat

  • Nasal blockage/congestion
  • Chronic nasal and sinus infection (rhinosinusitis)
  • Nasal polyps/tumors
  • Frequent Nosebleeds
  • Decreased ability to smell
  • A cerebrospinal fluid leak
  • Foreign body in the nose

A nasal endoscope can also be used to do minimally invasive surgery. This is frequently
done in a hospital or surgery center under sedation or anesthesia. It is often used to
remove nasal polyps, tumors, drain abscesses and treat chronic sinusitis. We may also
be able to perform these procedure in the office.

Just before the procedure, a topical decongestant may be sprayed into your nose. This
helps reduce swelling and lets the nasal endoscope pass easily through your nasal
cavity and sinuses. Your nose may also be sprayed with an anesthetic, which will briefly
numb your nose. Your ENT specialist may need to avoid these medicines under special
circumstances, though. In certain cases, you might also need a shot (injection) of a
local anesthetic.

During a nasal endoscopy, the specialist inserts a lubricated endoscope into your nose
after numbing medication is applied to minimize discomfort. It is then gently guided
through the nasal and sinus passageways. Images of the area are transmitted from the
endoscope to a screen for evaluation. If needed, tissue samples may be collected
during this time as well.

After the procedure, which usually just takes 10-15 minutes, our ENT specialist will
discuss the findings and formulate a plan for therapy or need for any other diagnostic

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Dr. Meyer & the staff at ENT Specialists in Appleton are wonderful! They eased my daughter's anxiety while having tests done. Very friendly and knowledgeable.

— Kelly F.

Very good experience with a very professional, detailed and caring practice. They took the time to diagnose the issue, and took no time at all to start treatment. I would recommend this practice to everyone!

— Heather S.

Dr. Keller was thorough and listened to my concerns, he did a complete exam and offered options to procced with types of treatment. I was pleased with the appointment. Again he listened to what I was saying, some doctors don't have that skill.

— Warren D.

Great service! The audiologists in Neenah and Oshkosh truly care about a client with hearing loss. They take the time to provide individualized hearing loss education and also provide excellent follow up support after selling hearing aids. Highly recommended!

— Matt B.

Great staff. The location is easy to find. Very accommodating and well organized. Would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Mjaanes and his staff.

— Douglas K.


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